Write 31 Days


It’s October 1st, and the start of the Write 31 Days challenge…

That means I’m posting every day on my blog … It is called My 31 Days: Manufacture and Sales of Wearable Art. 

Last year, October 2015, was on the same theme, Jewelry, from Concept to Sales, which was fun for me and a learning experience. I interviewed a number of wonderful jewelry artists for the challenge and had some really great participation. I have to thank those people once again… they were wonderful to submit to my torture… I mean  form questions… They inspire me every day!

Stop by and visit the blog during the month… I promise there are going to be more great artists popping up from time to time!



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Blogging by the way

Why is it that we try to keep a blog if we never get around to actually writing on a blog itself?

I keep several blogs, but I just never seem to have the time to work on them. This is a scheduling nightmare for me, but not really. I swear that I have no time, yet I am able to sit down and read for an hour…. just not what I want to do I suppose, but I crave quiet time and being able to read (whether it is reading something online or actually reading online. I crave that quiet.

Why is it that we never consider the time we spend in writing as a quiet moment to reflect on ourselves?

I know for me, it is that I am so terribly busy with my work, and with family things, that I just don’t think about carving out a time and place to have that space, that freedom, to do writing that will actually bring comfort and calm to our minds?

I am always tired, I am always in a hurry, I am always needed by someone else. To stop and actually write, is almost a thing that is foreign to me.

I take time to read, because I have to for work, for my son, and to keep up with family and friends. My ability to read is very short and rather limited. My eyes still are on the verge of being in distress, and are always tired, always blurry… so I gauge home much I can read, and then quit.

Whether or not I have finished what I need to… I stop…

Writing, well, that’s another thing. I can write with my eyes closed, and normally do. I will shut my eyes and think of what I want to say, then type. Sometimes it is thought out, sometimes it is spontaneous… I have to trust in spell check and my later editing skills to make heads or tails of what I’ve written sometimes.

But this is me.

I love to write, and I need to do so for so many reasons. It keeps me level. I can think out what is bothering me and put it down so that I can see it and think about it, where if it is in my mind… it probably isn’t going to be dealt with.

Also, I like the idea of someone out there, listening to me, thinking that what I do might matter in the slightest. I don’t get many comments, but when I do, it makes me feel like there is  a kindred spirit out there.

Blogging, by the way, is a very calming activity.  I tend to relax a lot if I am typing. It is a very nice activity. That slow, methodical rhythm that I have with the typing, lulls me into a deep relaxed state. I have actually fallen asleep while typing a blog.

It can be rather odd to read what you have written while asleep. I am sure it isn’t very long a time that I actually sleep, but that I am relaxed enough to fall asleep in the first place is amazing!

So, if I have any advice at all, it would be to take time out of the day, at least once a week, and write to your heart’s content.

Keep a journal, show, each time you write, how you are feeling. Keep track of how much it calm you down… or riles you up!

It really doesn’t matter. If you like writing… do it.

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Function Overrides Form in the Sewing Room

I like making furniture, generally Mission style and Arts and Crafts, where form is as important as function. As a mechanical engineer, I struggle with form and the artistic aspects of woodworking.…

Source: Function Overrides Form in the Sewing Room

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~This month is very appreciated around our house. October is crazy, with Open House at school, Concerts, Halloween (even though my youngest is now 13, we still do Halloween), and of course the 31 Days Writing Challenge… which I must say, takes up a bit of my time.

November comes quickly it seems, even though around the 15th of October, I feel like it is a year away, the last two weeks of writing and activities go by quickly, and Halloween…it seems like the day is gone in a flash. My son is too old to trick or treat, but this year he did dress up for his school concert, as a banana…yes, that’s right, a 6 foot banana. Don’t even ask why…

November brings with it the smells of Autumn in West Texas. Leaves are starting to turn, the days are getting cool, which is a blessing, and the air seems a bit crisp of a morning. I start craving pumpkin everything…Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin scones and pumpkin butter are my favorites right now. I am excited to have pumpkin pie, but I’m saving that for Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of all has to be this time of ‘Thanks’.

My family is pretty small nowadays, we have scattered across the country, or so it seems, and we don’t get together the way we did when I was a young child. Back then, my grandmother, the matriarch of the family, was adamant about us all coming together for holidays, especially Thanksgiving. It was just expected that we gather at her house. I know it was a hardship for all involved. but her house was pretty central for us all, so we, all of the kids and their families piled into the tiny house.

I say tiny, by standards today, the house was tiny. It was a simple two bedroom, one bath, with dining room, living room and an office. My grandpa was an attorney, so he had a huge roll top desk in the office, his chair, bookcase, filing cabinet a spare chair,  and the spare freezer. The bedrooms were nice sized. In my grandparents room there was a full bed and an extra long single bed, a couple of dressing tables, a couple of chest of drawers,a couple of wardrobes, a rocking chair,  and a couple of chairs… the ‘Spare’ bedroom was a kind of long room, had two full beds, night stands, 2 chest of drawers,  two wardrobes, a rocking chair and couple of chairs…so it wasn’t small…

They had a huge yard as well, they were the only house on the street, with their house sitting in the middle of the block, they had lots to the West of the house to the corner planted in a large garden. My Grandpa loved to garden, he had corn, black eyed peas, squash, okra, carrots, and even horseradish! My grandmother had her “Flags” or iris of many colors planted in circles next to the large garden, and the rest of the yard had chicken coops and area for the chickens to run loose… My Grandpa, the attorney, was many times paid in chickens…so there was never a time when there weren’t eggs or fresh chicken to be eaten.

That little house held sometimes 12 adults and 13 grandkids. We slept everywhere. Three or four kids to a bed, cots everywhere, sofa bed in the living room, sometimes kids slept at the neighbors  with their grandkids…or outside on the porch if it was nice weather. I think my brothers might have slept out in the shed a few times…

The thought of having that many people in the house now is overwhelming to me. Oh, we did it when my daughter was young, we had all of my husband’s family for a ‘reunion’ a couple of years, with people bringing their tents to sleep in out in our large yard, we had a badminton net set up and a croquet set… and one bathroom for over 25 people.. The house was hot, outside was hot…The whole experience was pretty miserable…  We had them all over numerous times, but that first one was the most memorable… Later on we  got together at the lake, especially as families grew.

Now? It is hard to get my family together, everyone works crazy shifts, we are long distances apart, and well, we just don’t try as hard.

My mother is 90 this year, and I have been trying to figure out how we are going to deal with this, her first literally confined to a wheelchair, Thanksgiving.  My house is too small , literally… too small… for a wheelchair to fit into the hallway and rooms. I don’t have a lot of room in the living room and dining area, because of the furniture and piano.  So one of my nieces has stepped up and invited us all to her house. It might be tricky there, as there are three or four steps up, but she said there are enough big strong men around to lift the wheel chair up…and her house is very open, very gracious… so…we are going to have Thanksgiving including Mom!

I’m already fretting about what to make to take… pumpkin pie is number one! I will make relish as well, I try to make it every year, and don’t want to be without it this year. But also, I’m trying out Mom’s hot rolls… I don’t know if they will turn out… or if I really have her recipe… She gave me one of the recipes a few years ago, and it was for my sister in law’s rolls… which are good,but not as good as Mom’s. I know they were Barbara’s recipe because it had mayonnaise in it… I know, right? ewww…. but they really are good.  I didn’t know what was in them when I had them the first time, and would have never guessed they had such a strange ingredient… But Barbara was very creative in the kitchen. She tried out new recipes all the time… and she had recipes that were family ones, that seemed odd to me(she was from Mississippi) but were good, like the Shoepeg Corn Cassarole, and then there were the not so good…. like the boiled peanuts…

So many of our family are gone now, My brother and his wife, my husband, all of my aunts and uncles, and it feels kind of sad that it is so hard to get the last of us together.  Several of the nieces won’t be able to make it, My oldest brother has moved further away, so I’m pretty sure his girls and families will be with them… My own daughter and grandson probably won’t make it, since she is relocating, and Mom… well, if she makes it will be exhausted and probably won’t want to stay long.

I long for the days of playing while the adults chatted or played dominos , seeing my cousins, getting hugs from all the aunts and uncles, tugs on my ponytail from Grandpa…the smell of fresh bread baking, cigar smoke, and clean sheets dried on the line. The linoleum floor that was cold on the feet, the large clawed tub that we splashed away in, Evening in Paris cologne bottles on the dressing table, my Grandpa’s shaving mug…

I wonder what my kids will remember of their childhood Thanksgivings.

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My 31Days Writing Challenge

Here it is, October again!

I am participating once again in the 31 Days writing challenge . This year, my topic is: Jewelry-From Concept to Sales. This is such a wonderful topic to delve into. I’m learning so much and getting to know new people! So far, I have 8 jewelry artists lined up for interviews and pictures galore, not only of the jewelry but also of the mundane but oh so important things, like benches, benchpins, tools…jewelry button large

Please come join along. There are so many wonderful writers participating this year, it is hard to pick out the ones I really want to read.  To kind of keep track of which ones I really want to go back to for information, or just for a laugh… or for when I need some inspiration… I’ve started a page on my ‘other’ blog to keep track…

Come visit!  My 31 Days: Jewelry-From Concept to Design

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Week 39- Vintage Inspired

Back in the early  90s, I found Polymer Clay. I loved making little bits and bobs… beads, brooches, and cute little models.
This is my inspired creation for this week’s project.
A brooch in Polymer clay with glass beads, a little humming bird on a flower…

I forgot how much I liked wearing fun little brooches like this. My favorite was a caricature of a crow wearing a straw hat and a gingham dress… His beak is now broken off after years of wear… I think I’m going to get him out and do a nose job on him…

While I was working with polymer, I also made these two brooches, I love hummingbirds!

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Week 38– Dangles

When I was reading the list for this week’s challenge,I was like… OH, I’m ahead.. I had been working on Bangles, you know, the thin bracelets that you just slip over your hand and wear like 10 of them at a time, so they … bangle…

um, yeah…

I totally did it again.. like on the week that I read angels… and it was angles.

I have very low vision.  I have to take a second to actually look at the spelling or… like this week, I read it wrong…

So…Dangles it is…

Made with Lapis Lazuli, 6mm round beads, glass 8/0 seeds, and silver bead caps, silver wire.

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